Question 5
How many Local Authorities (PBT) are there in Malaysia now?

145 PBT (including Kuala Lumpur City Hall), comprising 31 Municipal Councils; and 114 District Councils.Apart from this, there are also other bodies which are given authority by the respective state governments to undertake specific functions like: Kulim Hi-Tech PBT, Pasir Gudang PBT, Putrajaya Corporation etc.


Question 6
Are all Local Authorities in Malaysia under the purview of the Federal Housing and Local Government Ministry?

All Local Authorities fall under the purview of their respective State Governments. The Federal Housing and Local Government Ministry supervises Local Authorities with regard to uniformity of policies and legislation, provides guidance and technical advice, and channels funds allocated by the Federal Government.


Question 7
If the responsible parties do not fulfill their duties like waste collection, what can I do?

You can lodge a complaint with the Local Authority closest to you, and they will ensure the appropriate action is swiftly taken.


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