They then shifted to new location, namely  MTAQ's Complexs in Pulai Chondong in 16 May 1993. MTAQ's complex then already completed his basic constructs, with a building above as wide as land four acres. Although students having to live with under total from infrastructure aspect and facility, however they succeed follow all learning process as is hoped by the government.

 MTAQ conduct programmes tarawih imam for the first time in Ramadan month year 1413 Hejira. A number student chosen to work as tarawih imam in several environment country Kelantan state as training to be faced local community. Programme which operate this received overwhelming response from all Kelantan state's population and indirectly introduce MTAQ among Kelantan outside society.

Between success first are achieved by MTAQ was Anugerah Sekolah YIK Terbaik SPM 1997 and Anugerah Sekolah Terbaik YIK STU 1997. Success grabbed this lump sum answering question among society that memorise al-Quran does not prevent excellence in the world.

 Facility and MTAQ's infrastructure also be upgraded from time to time. In year 1998, already some of the construction added. Among them was administration building, library, mosque, dining hall and two unit of teacher's house. MTAQ's management staff also increased be as many as 21 people, including support staff four people.

Council Student (MP) set up his officially in year 2000. MP is a student organisations which became patron to several body fruit in MTAQ such as Dakwah Organization.