The Territory of Machang got its name from a village named Kampung Machang. This village was opened in 1880 by a group of villagers from Pasir Tumboh in Kota Bharu, led by one Mr. Senik. Early in its inception, the villagers main economic activity consisted of agriculture and commerce.

Geographically, the Machang Territory lies right in the centre of Kelantan Darul Naim. Kota Bharu borders it to the north, to the south is the Territory of Kuala Krai, to the west is the Territory of Tanah Merah while the Territory of Pasir Puteh can be found in the east.

Around 1949, Machang was delineated as a minor Territory. Then on January 1st 1952. Due to the rapid pace of development and its active economic sector, Machang was made a full Territory.

It covers an area of 546.26 kilometer squere. Of this, 129 kilometer squere falls under the jurisdiction of the Machang District Council.