Jambatan Guillemard   Jambatan Guillemard

Railway bridge "Guillemard" erected across Sungai Kelantan in Kursial near Tanah Merah.This Keretapi Guillemard's bridge is longest railway bridge in Malaysia. This railway bridge is built in year 1920 and ready built in July 1924. This bridge opening is to train and other vehicles route. It was inaugurated by KDYMM Al- Ismail Ibni Al Marhum Sultan Muhammad's Sultan IV in year 1925. Name "Guillemard" am taking Governor in conjunction with the name British (Straits Settlements And High Commissioner Governor Malay States) at that time, namely Sir Laurence Guillemard.

However, railway bridge "Guillemard" this ruined when detonated by British troops to prevent advance of Japanese military in 12 December 1941 before they retreat to Kuala Krai.

Railway bridge have been injured this have been completed repaired and opened to traffic in 7 September 1948.

With completed new bridge in nearby area, Jambatan Guillemard was no longer used to different vehicle. It only be used for train route only.