Menara Condong

Masjid Pulai Condong's tower which now was one local flagship object , was build by Hj. Ab. Samad b. Hj. Abdullah in year 1856 (1273H).

The tower height reach 18 metres and wide about 2.8 metres. In the middle of this tower is built a pole (unroofed) as axis.

This tower is made by cooperation using hundreds of men. The designer was Abdul Samad's Hajj own. All portion of this tower is made from 'chengal' wood by using 'beliong', axe and chisel only. This tower strength has well tried when Kelantan beaten big storm in year 1880 (1297H). all small and large hedge around fall sprawled, but with will of God, this tower are not affected by the typhoon blow.

This tower stayed in good condition and may serve as place muezzin calling out call for prayers until today. This was one very important history building need attention and conservation.