Lombong Bijih Besi Temangan

This iron ore is is performed by a Japanese company namely "Oriental Mining Co.", in Bukit Besi's area, Temangan, Kelantan. Here iron ore being transported by using train to Pelabuhan Tumpat. That iron ore shall be paid into a special container where it its will be transported also aboard through jetty built . From this small ship, that iron ore would be brought to mother ship for export to Japan country.

During Japanese war in Malaya (1941 1945) iron ore production continued to be done by Japanese army and mine government on one those areas now comprise its Sekolah Kebangsaan Temangan.

After World War II, iron ore production still goes on committed by same company but now it its under British government surveillance. Its production persists up to year 1965 where his operation stopped because ore supply be dwindling.

Since then, this Jambatan Bijih have not been functioning again and being kept unmanageable. Now remainder only avalanche effect which became historical evidence.